What is the real advantage of the ceramic vape cartridge?

One such technological breakthrough in recent years has been the ceramic vape cartridge. It quickly replaced the wick cartridges of the past and is now the go-to choice for both advanced and new users. This new vape cartridge uses a ceramic coil to heat and vaporize the extract, unlike traditional vaping devices which have a metal coil wrapped in a cotton wick that draws the oil into the heating element where it evaporates.

Ceramic coils vs. Metal coils

A significant difference between ceramic coils and conventional coils is in their construction. While ceramic coils do not have a wick wrapped around them, traditional vape cartridges have metal coils wrapped in a cotton wick. Ceramic coils are constructed of a ceramic layer with a specific porosity that allows oil to diffuse through it, providing a more consistent, powerful and high quality vapor than cotton wicking coils.

The other major difference between the two is that while metal coils heat up faster than ceramic coils, in my opinion the latter offer better heat retention and cleaner draft.

Benefits of ceramic coils

Ceramic coils provide several advantages over traditional metal coils. Some of the benefits of ceramic heaters are listed below.

The combination of the porous nature of the ceramic with the higher quality clay results in a ceramic product that is clean and free of contaminants. This means that the oil itself will not cause any negative side effects for the consumer – even if it is pure and of high quality. The oil absorbs into the ceramic faster with each stroke and then evaporates as the wearer continues to inhale.

High heat resistance makes porcelain easily withstand high temperatures. This resistance to damage from high temperatures makes ceramic heaters very durable.

Coils made of ceramic material heat and pass high-viscosity oils, such as those used in the marijuana or CBD industries, more easily.

Using a ceramic vape cartridge reduces the risk of a burnt aftertaste. In addition, the new all-ceramic vape cartridges eliminate the risk of contaminating the entire batch with leftover flavors.

Then consider upgrading your herbal vaporizer cartridges by replacing their cotton ceramic cartridges. This is a huge step forward for the industry; improves the disadvantages of traditional cotton inserts. Share your thoughts on this development in the comments below!

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