If you are trying to fight the habit of smoking and none of the tried-and-tested methods have brought an effective and long-lasting result, maybe it’s time to try the replacement for cigarette tobacco: hemp drought.

With the growing popularity of CBD in the treatment of addictions, people have found that it can also be an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes. There are supermarkets in Switzerland that sell even CBD cigarettes known as “Marijuana Lite”.

The first studies in this direction were conducted on rats that showed positive effects of treatment of cocaine and alcohol addiction when using CBD.

There are also two recent studies conducted by University College London. The first group of 12 smokers received a CBD inhaler and the second group of 12 smokers received a placebo inhaler. Researchers found that people using a CBD inhaler reduced their cigarette intake by 40 percent, while those using placebo did not experience significant changes.


So how does it work …?

The fact is that quitting smoking is more than just overcoming physical dependence, it is a difficult process of breaking the addiction that can cause a lot of stress for the addicted smoker.

Smoking hemp or liming of e-cigarettes with CBD oil can both relieve stress and anxiety, moreover, it does not require changing the habit of smoking and holding something between your fingers.

The fact that CBD naturally reduces anxiety and helps to relax is an additional benefit that helps people fight a bad habit. Many smokers smoke simply because they enjoy the act of breathing in a substance that helps them relax (for example, in a stressful event).

The use of cannabis to combat addiction is not really new. For many years, people have successfully used cannabis as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. THC and CBD bring relaxing effects that can reduce anxiety and stress. It is important to remember that CBD is not a psychoactive compound from cannabis plants and is widely used in medicine, which is why it is a safer alternative to using cannabis with high THC content.


After reading, we encourage you to try our dried CBD in many attractive flavors and wish you success in the fight against addiction!