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    Hemp Drought 1G INDOOR


    THC content <0.2% CBD 8.4%


    This variety begins to acquire its characteristic color only in the final stage of flowering. This process is accompanied by an increasingly intense smell, which softens after appropriate curing. The high content of CBD in this herb makes customers choose this variety mainly for therapeutic purposes.


    Our products always contain tested and confirmed concentration of only natural cannabinoids. We don’t “breed” flowers with synthetic CBD.


    The product also contains the entire complex of other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV and CBC, the so-called full spectrum with at least a double concentration, unlike other products on the market.


    A legal variety brand in Poland and admitted to trading in the European Union. Intended for vaporization or aromatherapy.


    Convenient, always keeping fresh packaging made of thick, flexible plastic with a ziplock (reusable closure) means that you can take your CBD dry wherever you want and it will be resistant to drying, dirt, moisture and other unpleasant reactions.


    Each batch of flowers is carefully hand-crafted from the very cut. We have certificates of concentration analysis, which guarantees the best quality of CBD flowers in the form of dried fruit. Just scan the qr code with your phone and we will take you to the current laboratory tests on our website.


    Under the careful supervision of specialists, we can select the best and wholesome inflorescences.


    The product is GMO-free, produced with the use of natural fertilizers. Each batch was tested for the content of heavy metals. Vegan product.


    The manufacturer and distributor are not responsible for the contents of the package after opening. We recommend storing in a cool and dark place.


    Trust a fully independent Polish supplier with over 10 years of experience, passionate about cannabis.


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