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    The revolutionary fully ceramic iPuff cartridge with hemp terpenes and 10% CBD is the first such product on the European market of hemp products.


    Highly efficient, universal, equipped with a ceramic heater that meets the standards of the American FDA (food and drug agency), the cartridges minimize the harmful effects caused by the use of, for example, classic metal or other cartridges.


    A carefully selected formula that combines the power of hemp terpenes and CBD, ease of use and compact size guarantees that you can enjoy the natural richness of hemp wherever you are.


    Our terpenes make these cartridges a product with a phenomenal and unforgettable taste. There are 5 flavors-terpene and 3 classic terpene versions, all with a guaranteed concentration of 10% CBD, which gives us as many as 8 wonderful flavors, each of which will find at least one favorite.


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