What are cannabis terpenes?

Terpenes are similar compounds that evoke the aroma, taste profile and psychoactive effect of cannabis flowers. Do you have a general idea of what marijuana smells or tastes like? It’s terpenes at work.

These molecules are also found in other products, such as fruits, as well as in some consumer fragrances. In addition, scientists are able to use artificial terpenes in applications.

Why choose hemp-derived terpenes over synthetic terpenes?

When browsing cannabinoid products in an online store or online, choose products that are naturally derived from cannabis. Taken directly from the plants themselves, these terpenes are consistent with the components of the flowers and the most authentic and true taste.

What cannabinoid products are terpenes?

Most, if not all, cannabinoid products are terpenes only – flowers to be exact. whether you prefer a vaporizer refill, jellies, pre-roll, or a natural flower – you will find terpenes.

The power of aroma and the brain

own THC, terpenes can also cause the psychoactive properties of cannabis. According to an article from Harvard University, the sense of smell is visible through the olfactory bulbs at the front of the brain. The aromas are then placed in places like the amygdala and hippocampus that control emotions and memory.

Types of Terpenes:


Of all the terpenes, myrcene is the most common in cannabis. Rich in products such as mangoes and hops, she has an earthy yet slightly fruity aroma that experienced marijuana users will find comparisons.


Limonene is the next big terpene, though not as accurate as myrcene. Its strong citrus notes are also present in citrus fruits, as well as a key ingredient in the fragrance of many consumer products.


Linalool, the third common terpene, offers a strong spicy-floral aroma. effectiveness, like limonene, is a distinctive feature of fragrances.

Other terpenes

Broken down by aroma profile, here are the many other terpenes that can be found in cannabis products:

Spicy/herbal notes:

  • caryophyllene
  • eucalyptol
  • Borneol

Earthy/woody notes:

  • Alpha-pinene
  • Beta-pinene
  • Humulene
  • Delta 3 Carene
  • camphene

Floral Notes:

  • Alpha-bisabolol
  • trans-nerolido
  • Terpineol

Sweet/fruity notes:

  • Valencene
  • Geraniol

Why do high-quality terpenes matter?

More aromatic taste

Nothing kills the climate quite like bad-tasting marijuana. High-quality terpenes have a deeper, nicer, and more pleasant flavor that combines with the action of a vaporizer, gum, or whatever medium you prefer for daily delight.

More pleasant aromas

The value of sensations is comparable to the aromas of high-quality flowers. Terpenes from varieties that are grown to strict standards create a special composition and scents that seamlessly complement their good taste.

Better vibes

As we mentioned above, terpenes are strange to the psychoactive properties of cannabis along with THC. While enjoying the looks and cannabinoids from carefully bred strains, you can continue to improve your mood!

How to find the highest quality cannabis terpenes?

To conclude that they only need the most flavorful, smooth and flavorful cannabinoids, here are some characteristics to look out for when buying the products:

Origin point

Where do terpenes come from? Are they made synthetically or harvested directly from hemp plants? Aromatic cannabis-derived terpenes are especially important for products such as high-quality flowers, pre-rolls and edibles.

Same plants

Where are cannabis plants grown? The flavor and smoothness of the terpenes from strains grown in a controlled environment are unmatched.

Selling point

To obtain the highest quality of terpenes and product safety, it is best to buy cannabinoids from proven brands and retailers who specialize in these products, such as https://www.canapharm.pl. These items are used and selected so that they can undergo a higher level of treatment than lower alternatives that may find a combination at the retail outlet.

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